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Industry Sector Focus: Ergonomics

The category of Woodworking Industry encompasses a very specific range of companies, having an endless variety of components, raw materials, or finished products, which require manipulation during processing, or palletizing as finished products. These products may be quite heavy, moved frequently, or simply awkward dimensionally, all requiring some form of support be it from carts, lift tables, or other types of lifting equipment. Given the increased focus on improved working environments throughout todays workplace areas, how materials are handled and manipulated have come under increased scrutiny, with an ever increasing focus on creating a more ergonomic & worker friendly environment. What happens to the materials moving through this process, and how it impacts workers, is what we at TnT Handling are focused on. We move materials, be it in boxes, raw materials state into routers, finished goods off the production line etc??? via both fixed and portable lifting devices. Aided by both standard and custom designed offerings in our carts, lifters, cranes, processing and machinery for packaging & palletizing, we assist in the elimination of lifting related injuries and significantly reduce the exposure to unsafe handling while creating a more worker friendly environment for all.


Cart Transport Systems:

TnT offers a wide range of Battery Operated Cart options. Each is designed to suit a custom manufacturing niche, from taking the full pallet at receiving to in-line production requirements all with a singular focus on the elimination of manual lifting. Some of the key product functions:

  • Pallet movers & Stackers
  • Bin Lift, Tilt & Rotate Systems for Production requirements
  • Roll Lift & Rotate Systems for Packaging Operations
  • Custom & Standard Tooling for a wide range of Production Applications

Lift Tables:

TnT Lift Table selections incorporate a range of both mechanical and powered designs. In both ranges we offer enclosure features as well as stainless steel construction, an ideal selection for the Food Industry to suit washdown duty requirements including:

  • Spring Loaded Lift Tables
  • Air bag style lift tables
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Powered Lift Tables
  • Electric/Battery Powered Lift Tables


Vacuum Lifters:

TnT Vacuum Lifter Offerings find a wide range of application potential across a wide range of Industries and applications, from basic order picking in warehouse operations, to drum handling and carton palletizing from end of line production operations including:

  • Vacuum Component Lifters
  • Vacuum Cabinet Lifters for TV???s & Computers
  • Vacuum Carton Handling

Crane Systems:

TnT Crane system offerings offer the ability to cover depalletizing applications to suit mixing operations, longer options for production line areas, and even larger warehousing applications to suit order picking operations. Cranes are offered in carbon steel, aluminum & stainless, depending on the level or protection required in the application area, in design selections as follows:

  • Free Standing Straight arm Jibs in a range of capacities
  • Articulated Jib Cranes, in wall, ceiling or floor mounted designs
  • Bridge Cranes to suit a range of areas, also in freestanding or ceiling supported models


TnT offers a range of manipulators readily suited to the heavier duty requirements found in many Plant Operations. Liquids and additives, stored in 55 gallon drums, often require lifting and pouring, trailer loads of Coffee Beans require the movement of bags often in excess of 150 lbs. to be offloaded and moved throughout Processing Facilities, among many other difficult material handling tasks made effortless with this equipment. Systems are available in the following designs, in carbon steel, steel-it painted finish and stainless:

  • Portable, and low profile systems for truck unloading and flexible usage requirements
  • Column mounted systems for operations centered near existing building columns
  • Crane mounted systems, in manual and powered versions for wider area coverage
  • Fixed Ceiling mounted systems to keep floor areas clear
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