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Chemical Processing

For the past 25 years our Company has been engaged in providing handling solutions to the Chemical Industry. Shown here is one of our many-fold ???end of line??? solutions, enhancing productivity and well as eliminating lifting related injuries. TnT Handling equipment offerings begin & end at the warehouse door, including all forms of lifting and processing application work. Equipment is supplied in both standard and stainless for corrosive applications. Upgraded specifications cover all forms of electrical specifications including all Class II, Div II requirements on up through ATEX coverage for special applications in hazardous conditions.

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Equipment designed to alleviate lifting related issues in the Electronic Industry range from handling Computer drives, Printers and Monitors to Televisions, Control Panels and a wide range of other electronic components. Seen here is a Vacuum Lifting application for manipulating a several hundred pound electronic assembly, managed with no more effort than that to lift the pen on your desk. TnT offers a wide range of solutions including manipulators, portable carts and lift tables to suit your specific application requirements. See our links for further solutions.

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Food Processing

TnT Handling Material Handling solutions, as seen here in the adjacent photo, often include both our lifting solutions as well as vessels for moving raw materials into the processing mix. Included are solutions ranging from Manual bag & drum handling on up through fully automated systems, both featuring compacting solutions for emptied bags (covering both standard and bulk sizes). We seek to provide a range of designs from standard materials of construction on up to high specification stainless finish for wash down requirements. Browse further through our links to see our full range of offerings.

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General Industry

Lifting concerns can be found in a tremendous cross section of Industries, each having their own unique lifting and handling requirements. TnT Handling offers solutions from basic lifting devices, like the Spring loaded Pallet-Pal lifting device seen here in the adjacent photo from our friends at Southworth, offering a lifting solution in the Printing Industry on through a vast array of lifting applications. Take a moment to review a small sample of our many ergonomic solutions through the adjacent links.

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Todays working environment in sanitary areas often include lifting requirements that are not readily met with normal handling solutions. TnT Handling offers special carts and lift tables designed to work in such environments safely. Included in these offerings are our specially designed Newton Reflex series battery operated portable lifts in stainless steel, as seen in the adjacent photo. Use our links here to see further offerings suited for this vast Industry.

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Rubber Industry

Bale handling is one of the most prevalent handling requirements in the Rubber Industry. Vacuum Tube Lifting has presented one of the most lightweight and flexible solutions for this application. TnT has worked for many years now with many of the major rubber companies to resolve their depalletizing requirements for their Banbury Mixers, addressing common adhesion and rugged surface challenges as well as providing tooling capable of handling the bales and bags. Our offerings are not limited to these solutions and can be found by following the link below.

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TnT offers a significant range of technology for woodworking, not the least of which is our new Vuss Series of vacuum tooling. With the Vuss Vacuum end tooling we can now handle a significant range of products where spaces between components and constant changes in configuration would otherwise be prohibitive. Our full line of offerings can be found in the link below. Here we feature everything from our unique tooling shown here for part handling, on up through vacuum lifters, lift tables, carts etc???

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