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Representing TnT Handling USA

We are always for dealers and representatives for our product lines in areas where we lack representation. 

Our strategy is for select distribution and to make the strong stronger.  We are most concerned about your applications expertise, your customer care skills and your reputation with your clients as the vendor of choice for helping them solve their material handling problems.

Please contact me to discuss how you can become part of the TnT family.  And, read below about the program we have to make you successful with our product line.

Good selling,

Tim Carney

TnT Handling USA's Program

Advertising     Top

  • Modern Materials Handling
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Powder & Bulk Engineering
  • Powder & Bulk Solids
  • Thomas Register web and print
  • Web sites in the U. S. and Europe
  • Web referrals from numerous cross listings

Leads     Top

  • From all of the above sources
  • From national trade exhibitions
  • From international trade exhibitions from our sister companies
  • From intra-company referrals from our sister companies in Europe, Asia, and a dealer/rep network in almost 20 countries world wide

National Trade Shows     Top

  • We usually exhibit at several national shows annually
  • Past exhibitions include Promat, Powder & Bulk Solids Expo, and specialty shows for the pharmaceutical industry

Local Trade Shows     Top

  • We support active dealers and representatives at local trade shows through attendance and cost sharing
  • We give preference to dealers and reps who have invested in TnT demo equipment

Demonstration Equipment     Top

  • We offer a vacuum lift tube demo system at a special price
  • You earn significant additional compensation by making this investment
  • We will participate in scheduled demos to your customers

Sales and Product Training     Top

  • Initial two day training course offered at TnT USA in West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • On site group training can be arranged in conjunction with a demo unit purchase
  • Follow up training through joint calls and customer visits and demonstrations
  • Special training available for product applications, automated equipment and powder equipment

Sales Support     Top

  • Extensive sales and applications manual provided after the completion of training
  • Joint sales calls for special opportunities and applications
  • TnT manufacturer's representatives to assist you with sales opportunities and applications expertise in the field
  • Detailed quotations with photos and graphics available via email to use on your letterhead
  • Comprehensive brochures and data sheets
  • Wide range of emailable videos showing both standard and special applications
  • TnT videos on CD-ROM
  • TnT Web On Disk presentation tool

Technical and Applications Support     Top

  • Forms for application data collection
  • In-house engineering and CAD capability
  • Eighteen years vacuum lifting technology experience
  • Seventeen years industrial manipulator and special lifting tool design experience
  • Eleven years powder and bulk solids experience

Customer, Parts and Installation Support     Top

  • Vacuum lifting system components in stock at all times, including vacuum pumps, motors, lift tubes, filters, replacement standard cups, replacement standard components
  • Fast turnaround on standard spares orders
  • Systems are fully assembled and tested prior to packing for shipment
  • Customers may visit pre-shipment tests, on specials this may be a requirement of the sale
  • Pre-shipment test videos available
  • On site installation technical support is available at a reasonable cost per day plus travel expenses

Pre-Sale Testing and Evaluation     Top

  • Customers can send product and payload samples for testing and application evaluation
  • Demonstration equipment in house for most of our product line
  • Extensive range of standard and special lifting tools and end effectors in stock
  • Videos can be made of tests for your customers


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Sales Support

Technical & Applications Support

Customer, Parts & Installation Support

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