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Locating TnT Handling Dealers & Reps

Tnt Handling USA have dealers and representatives in most parts of the U. S. and Canada.  We have several marketing channels to provide you with the expertise needed for our broad product line.

  • Our vacuum lifting systems are sold mainly through material handling equipment and industrial supply dealers who are supported by TnT Handling representatives.
  • Industrial manipulators and special lifting systems are sold through dealers with the assistance of TnT Handling representatives who are trained in complex applications engineering and the technical requirements of these devices.
  • Powder and bulk handling equipment and waste bag compactors are sold through dealers or sales agents who specialize in this market.
  • Pharmaceutical process and handling equipment is sold directly by TnT Handling USA.  This highly complex field requires special training and applications expertise.

Rather than provide you with a long list of names, we prefer to direct your inquiries to the agent or company in your area who can best assist you with your specific requirements.  Please use our contact form to make your request.

If we do not have a dealer or representative in your area, we will do whatever it takes to assist you with your application.  And, if you have a local company or representative who provides you with exceptional service, we would appreciate your referral.