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Stainless Steel Lift Stations PneuLift
Pharmaceutical Handling Systems

Palamatic PneuLifts offer a diverse range of handling solutions for work areas where hoisting, lifting and position are required but contamination from lifting chain, wire rope or conventional hoists is unacceptable.

PneuLifts can also operate in dust and vapor ignition hazardous environments.

End tooling can include vacuum, mechanical hooking or powered gripping. 

Optional features include a wide range of manual or powered control functions and payload weighing.

Low headroom versions are also available for working under mezzanines, overhead piping or production equipment.

Typical products handled:

  • Drums - plastic, fiber, steel
  • Production containers - totes, bins, trays
  • Boxes and cartons
  • Other special payloads according to your application

Load capacities:

  • Up to 400 kilograms (880 pounds)

Suitable for:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Barrier containment
  • Warehouse

Finish options:

  • Mild steel to 316L stainless steel cGMP

Mounting options:

  • PalTrac Stainless Steel Rail
  • Jib or Bridge Crane
  • Articulated Jib Crane
  • Overhead pillar
  • Wall or buttress mount
  • Transportable counterweighted base


Stainless Steel PneuLift Mounted on PalTrac Rails

PneuLift with Special Clamping Tool for Lifting and Weighing Fiber Drums

Expanded View of Above PneuLift Mounted on Stainless Steel Articulating Jib Crane

PneuLift for Handling Heavy Drums with Vacuum Tool