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Meet the NewTon Family
  • Industrial lifting devices that take a load off your workers.
  • Vertical lifters that reduce the risk of injury and save you time and money.
  • Ergonomic lifts that increase productivity.

NewTon raises the standards of industrial lifting and the standards of ergonomic safety in the workplace.

Linda says, "NewTon is TWO thumbs up!"

Loads that need to be lifted and moved come in varied heights, shapes and sizes.  NewTon's flexibility and adaptability can handle them all:

  • On a platform
  • With a fork
  • On a boom
  • In a clamp (and rotate)
  • With a fork designed for totes
  • With a roll core grip and pitch
  • With a custom designed tool to serve your specific application

Newton is designed with ergonomics and safety in mind, always.  There are no loose cables, exposed wires or drives, no sharp edges.  Handles are designed for neutral wrist posture and minimum push and pull force.  Ball bearing casters, a sturdy frame and mast, a double gear reduction lift motor, electronic motor control with electronic overload protection, soft start and stop controls, top and bottom limit switches, foot pinch safety switches are all standard and all make for safe and efficient operation.

The new theory of gravity is a simple equation.  More work gets done in less time with less effort.

Improved working conditions +
Less physical strain +
Fewer injuries +
Reduced absenteeism +
Lower health and safety costs +

     = don't need Newton's genius to figure it out.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac says:

"My theory hasn't changed since the 1660's. Considering the gravity of modern day costs of worker productivity and musculoskeletal injury, NewTon is brilliant, even if I do say so myself!

You don't want Linda hurting her back, do you?"

The NewTon family includes 5 standard models:

Locking Rear Casters

NewTon runs on gas-tight lead acid batteries and has been tested for 160 full height up and down full payload capacity lifting cycles before the battery is discharged.  Optional heavy duty batteries are available for higher duty cycle lifting.  NewTon recharges from any 115 VAC outlet.

Up Down Control with On Off Switch
Charger Female Plug-In All in One Convenient Location

You can request your own NewTon quote by clicking here.

Please contact us for additional information or assistance or email us at




Fork for Cylinders


Clamp & Rotate


105 Tote Tipper


Stainless Steel Platform Cover


Clipboard & Pen Holder


Box and tray fork



Roll Cradle Turret


Roll Core Grip & Pitch


Fork and Platform



Optional casters or extended frame sizes